Bliss Ultra Lounge Orlando

The next time you are in downtown Orlando, check out “Bliss Premiere Ultra Lounge” on Church St. Designed with intoxication of the senses in mind, each of the three main areas of Club BLISS is distinguished by hue. Expect nothing less than superior service and entertainment. The fusion of beautiful people, luscious libations, and unrivaled music sets will seduce you into a state of BLISS. Enduldge yourself with one of twenty VIP tables or ascend to the second tier of BLISS for first-class treatment in the azure tinted VIP lounge, where seven private balconies allow you to engage in the diverse entertainment.

Get free Admission to Bliss Premiere Ultra Lounge with an of Central Florida Limo Rental. All offers are subject to change based on the clubs sole discretion, A1 will take no responsibility if the offer is not accepted for any reason. All requests must be written on your contract.

Bliss Premiere Ultra Lounge
123 West Church Street
Orlando, FL 32801